Nonima :: Exostatic EP (Mitoma Industries)

“Nonima is the pseudonym of Tam Ferrans, a 28 year old producer from the sunny climates of Scotland. His sound deviates between glitchy industrial techno workouts via ambient constructions and ever-morphing organisms. He also produces material as part of the Mitoma and Altered:Carbon projects.”

Nonima ‘Exostatic EP’

[Release page] Exostatic represents the amalgamation of heavy-hitting post-industrial meets low-bass audio explorations in sound design. The title track does just this with its aggressive twitched synths, melted data distortions and rumbling rhythms. “Lockhead” pushes itself through a more gripping bassline and crimped atmosphere. “Protozoa” unleashes a much more upbeat melody, its delicate analog tweaks and pads delivers a balance between classic Toytronic-era electronics with M-Tronic’s industrial punch—hints of darker flashes even out the sound field. “Discipline” maneuvers in a subtle waveform of minimized electronics, piano strokes and glittery flow from start to end. Nonima’s Nonimx remix shields the landscape with a remix of “Pollux-End of a Day”—it wraps the ears with a maze of sizzling electrical pulses, disparate beats and collapsing ambient layers. Shadow Priest shakes up “Discipline” with crunched hip-hop and a clicking smorgasbord of head-nodding moods to cool the senses. Akaaka disassembles the title track and drips into an emotional harmony blur that enlists the help of microscopic drum’n bass and pure melody akin to the likes of Boards Of Canada—nostalgic and mind-altering. Nonima’s Exostatic is a solid dosage of abrupt beats, fierce rhythmic channeling and well-oiled sonic architecture and proves again that exp-electronics continues to reinvent itself. The ever-changing environment of blurring genre lines keeps the brain awake, especially as revealed on this extended player.

Exostatic is available on Mitoma Industries. [Release page]

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