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Kurt Y. Gödel :: Chord Rememory (YUYAY)

By my reckoning, anyone heading for Hyboid, Astro Chicken boss, for a track remake knows the score when it comes to electronic music. And it’s to the analogue pop aficionado that YUYAY have turned to open their second vinyl release. I’m always curious to see who labels call in on remix duty, especially imprints that […]

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Sophus Y. Lie :: Endomorphism (YUYAY)

Diverse strands of sounds are effortlessly woven together whilst Lie remains true to the terser side of machine music. Developed, soulful and different; a fair amount to accomplish on a first record. I’ve mentioned it many times before. The break to vinyl is a brave one. Despite digital being a bugger to earn from, it’s […]

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