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V/A :: Tiny Portraits (Flaming Pines)

The research on sound forms, field recordings and urban soundscaping textures guarantees an active listening experience, investing our consciousness, our sense of hearing and cognitive capabilities around the notion of memory, reflectivity and intuition. Australia based independent label Flaming Pines is back with a newly launched concept and edition about hearing space and the impact […]

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Fescal :: The Descending Light (Wist Rec)

Irresistable little box of wonder from Wistrec, the little Irish art house with big, innovative packaging ideas (cf. its “Book Report” series). English sound innovator Fescal, now residing just north of Seoul, has been out cloudwatching and produced three pieces capturing their effect on The Descending Light. To house them, Wistrec has crafted a small, coffee-coloured […]

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Yuco :: I’m Living with Melancholy in the Fog (Flaming Pines)

Miyazaki plays simple, elegant, actually more optimistic than sorrowful melodies on guitar, piano and sitar, gorgeously perched atop shoreline field recordings captured, looped and layered by Kobayash. [Release page] Masayoshi Miyazaki says I’m Living with Melancholy in the Fog is “a sad album…written on the abyss of despair.” Together with Hiroshi Kobayash, he needed to […]

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