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Radiohead :: TKOL RMX 1234567 (Ticker Tape/XL)

The sheer number of tracks takes a long time to get your head around, but also gives it longevity. Simply put, I’d have to say it is an unmissable double album. It features so many different producers that it is bound to please most dance music fans in some regard, even if a couple of […]

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Radiohead :: The King Of Limbs (XL/Hostess Entertainment)

If you haven’t already guessed, I have to mention that The King Of Limbs is an intensely personal listening experience, best suited to being played back on headphones as you walk in a daze to destinations unknown, rather than being something to enjoy in company. [Purchase] You’ve probably caught wind of the frantic struggle that […]

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Top releases of twenty-ten

With this article, 151 releases and 25 honorable mentions are highlighted as being titles that garnered the extra spins in 2010. These musicians (and associated labels) offered an abundance of quality productions coming from all corners of the globe with an emphasis on releasing music that doesn’t always follow a defined path. [January 2011] Twenty-ten […]

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