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Meat Beat Manifesto :: Impossible Star (Flexidisc)

Impossible Star’s tracks are all crisp and clear with plenty of space for everything to sit tight in the mix. The album mixes classic elements of MBM’s style with live bass, Dangers raps delivered in his clear, hungry voice, burbling warty synths and just about enough funk to shake that ass into oblivion. In 1989 […]

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Meat Beat Manifesto :: Impossible star in the darkness

On the cusp of releasing Impossible Star, the first full-length album in over seven years, Jack Dangers of Meat Beat Manifesto embarks on a yet another groundbreaking jaunt through otherworldly terrain. Encompassing MBM’s signature audio collage of bass, beats, and distortion, Impossible Star delivers on all minimal and maximal fronts, and is described by Dangers as […]

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