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Doing the rounds with 3.14 :: Pi Electronics (Interview and Mix)

Aegean Electronics is growing, soaking up the talent and enthusiasm centred around Athens. Labels such as Echovolt, Vanila and Lower Parts, artists like June, Morah and Damcase, as well as platforms like Phormix, are carving out their own territory in the competitive arena that is the hearts and minds of the faithful. Pi Electronics is […]

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V/A :: Die Welt ist Klang: A Tribute to Pete Namlook (Carpe Sonum)

Truly phenomenal in scope, content and diversity, Die welt is Klang lives up to its ambitious attempt to document an almost translucent, organic world of sound. Die Welt ist Klang is something altogether special. Produced in memoriam for the death of the ambient composer and producer Pete Namlook (AKA Peter Kuhlmann), musicians, colleagues and fans […]

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DE:TUNED :: “Sounds like something from the 90s, no?”

Resurrecting the sounds of the 90s. I’ve a soft spot for Techno. It’s the genre that introduced me to electronic music and has quite a bit of nostalgia attached to it for me. It’s also the kind of genre I’ll happily, and drunkenly, start ranting about at parties. UK imprints like A13, B12, New Electronica […]

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