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Pleq & Giulio Aldinucci :: The Prelude To (The Long Story Recording Company)

The setting sun backlights two figures paddling gently beneath low-hanging boughs shot through with shafts of perfectly apt, melodramatic strings (played by violinist Tomasz Mreńca), as coureurs des bois Pleq (Bartosz Dziadosz) and Giulio Aldinucci glide into their first journey together, possibly The Prelude To a longer story to come. The setting sun backlights two figures paddling gently beneath low-hanging […]

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ALAN LOCKETT :: Slings the Wooze Anew mix

Revisiting the sound and vision of Slings The Wooze, Igloo’s Alan Lockett, aka Mist-maxer albient, Slings the Wooze Anew with more than a score of exponents of blurred ambience, FX-drenched drone and electronic aethers new, renewed, and re-viewed, strung into wondrous wooze—all but opening keynote throwback-bite fresh from this year and last. Artists: 36, Alva Noto, Benoît […]

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Hessien :: Your Empire, In Decline (The Long Story Recording Company)

Evocative scaping of a generally melancholic cast, Hessien’s mix of air and substance uniting the newer ambient waves. Your Empire, In Decline sees igloo review regular, Tim Martin (Maps and Diagrams, Atlantis), renew exchange with Charles Sage (y0t0, Rothko Chapel), last outing for their Hessien vehicle being Calcifer (Sound in Silence) back in 2013. It marks a first release for The Long Story Recording Company, a […]

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