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Autechre :: Incunabula, Amber, Tri-Repetae (Warp)

As cynical one might feel about reissues, however, they can sometimes be nothing short of stellar, absolutely warranted, and in the case of much out of print early Autechre, long overdue. For the longest time there’s been something incongruous about the idea of listening to Autechre on vinyl, a medium whose inherent limitations Booth and […]

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V/A :: Covert II EP (De:Tuned / Touched Music)

From sweaty floor to Saturday armchair, Covert II will provide. There’s always a certain amount of media fanfare about the prospect of a “supposed” Aphex Twin release. A whisper of Richard D. James is as much tantalising click-bait for the electronic music nut as the promise of celebrity nudity is to your local lad. Covert […]

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