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Klankman :: Information Overload EP (TH ± Tar Hallow)

Five shrapnel pocked pieces of twisted metal, painted black, make up Information Overload. Some artists mellow with time, especially in the world of techno. The hard lines begin to softened, the angles turn to curves and the approach melts just that little bit. Maarten Epskamp does not fit this narrative. Under his Klankman moniker the […]

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TAFKAMP / Thanos Hana :: TH06 (Tar Hallow)

The dutch imprint is shouting its mantra, ushering in another twelve months with a 12” of abused and brutalized industrial terror. If this is the age of anger, surely this is its soundtrack. There’s a nasty side running through techno. In all fairness there always has been but of late some have taken that misanthropic […]

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