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Tendts :: It’s Everything (Lower Parts)

Hailed in the pressed release as “brothers that make music you can dance to, or not,” this pair have managed to create an invigorating LP, one brimming with interesting ideas and an overarching sense of fun. There’s enough time given over to the black t-shirted techno brigade, what about giving some over to this multi-colored […]

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Beneath Athens’ Electronics :: Lower Parts

Working from the Greek capital is Lower Parts, a name which may have blipped on a number of radars of late. Greece and Ireland have a number of things in common. Weather. No. But they do share certain things. Their location, each straddling the peripheries of Europe. Their recent economic woes, both nations experiencing some […]

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Clinical, beat-infested terrain is executed in microscopic details as each magnetized sound cell displays a surplus of rhythmic bass. Predominately buried in molecular electronics, brittle to the touch and engulfed in extracts of dub-techno, clicks’n cuts and experiments in sonic architecture, UNOIKI unravels their 3-yr anniversary compilation for its fan-base. Clinical, beat-infested terrain is executed […]

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