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Sound Awakener & Linear Bells :: Belonging to the Infinity (Soft)

Motionless as the dead, writhing with memory. Nguyễn Hồng Nhung forces me to pay close attention to her career as it unfolds—each new thing she does as Sound Awakener (recording since the late ’00s but only releasing for the first time last year) is more interesting than the last. David Teboul has already commanded my full attention […]

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V/A :: Tiny Portraits (Flaming Pines)

The research on sound forms, field recordings and urban soundscaping textures guarantees an active listening experience, investing our consciousness, our sense of hearing and cognitive capabilities around the notion of memory, reflectivity and intuition. Australia based independent label Flaming Pines is back with a newly launched concept and edition about hearing space and the impact […]

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