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V/A :: Fields (Kahvi Collective)

Continuing to unwrap streams of mind-boggling musical detail across several electronic music genres, Fields is a sonic smorgasbord that doesn’t let up. It goes without question that 2016 yielded, at least for me, an abundance of prime, large-scale compilations—Crazy 10 Years A/V, Sectioned v6.0, Frequencies Of The Mind III, Silicate Recursions, and Touched 3—to name a few. One […]

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Selles :: Sunwarper (Self-Released)

Sunwarper will appeal to a wide audience where shoegaze meets exp-electronic and nostalgic ambient weaves through pop sensibilities. Without narrowing down individual tracks, Sunwarper reveals an open landscape of moving, tranquil, and engaged musical acrobatics defying categorization. “Music for exploration. Analog sounds and instruments manipulated through digital means.” This is a good starting point for […]

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