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Pattern Behavior :: Omens (The Crime League)

Omens immediately catches the attention. Musically it brings to the fore a series of menacing and enthralling cinematic ambiences with a clear 80s retro feel. Pattern Behavior is a synth-electronic music duo formed by Elizabeth Virosa and Robert Galbraith who operate also various pseudonyms such as Snowbeasts. Galbraith is also the founder of the net label […]

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Ian Boddy :: Tone Science (DiN)

The album contains a succinct collection of undulating and abstract soundscapes with a rather experimental and anti melodious shape, also reminiscent to some sort of avant garde and radical cosmic minimalism from Conrad Schnitzler. Founding father of the British electronic school of space music Ian Boddy is back to the control of his DiN laboratory to […]

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Jega :: Extropy – Speedhack

Describing himself as a NeoFuturist Filmmaker, Dylan Nathan (a.k.a. Jega) is making a comeback of sorts with his Extropy project, a proof of concept for a sci-fi film for the 21st century. Jega’s output has been highly rated by the team at Igloo Magazine and we are hoping to see more of him. He has […]

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