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Elsewhereness revisited #3 :: Party Like It’s 1991

Elsewhereness revisited is an occasional feature documenting the drift at the margins: ambient gasbagging, ’tube-d, ’cloud-ed, and ’camped-up, complete with companion mix, Elsewhereness revisited #3 1991 made waves in 2012 with High-Tech High-Life (Opal Tapes)—chewy New Age synth ‘n’ soundscapes laced with arpeggiating timbres and shimmering drones, and self-titled (Astro:Dynamics)–IDM-y sounds shot through with post-ambient forms and off-kilter melodies, while his Skogen, Flickan Och […]

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Triac :: Days (Line)

Days shifts from light and floaty to more earthy and rumbling, its seven pieces ranging from pop-ambient lushness to wispy Basinski, the lingering residue of its sources’ timbres seemingly sieved from recorded air. Line is an enterprise whose name is associated above all with challenging listeners. Recent difficult customers NHK (Program) and Koenraad Ecker (Sleepwalkers in a […]

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Triac :: In A Room (Laminal / Mikroton)

In A Room floats by within minimal light beams and offers an engaging harmonious perspective. More in tune with sublime calming tones and light flickering, Triac—an electronic music trio from Italy formed in the end of 2011 by Rossano Polidoro (ex Tu m’, Line USA), Marco Seracini and Augusto Tatone—formed In A Room within minimal […]

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