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Roger Doyle :: Chalant – Memento Mori (Psychonavigation)

Though confined to a single disc, Chalant – Memento Mori is a sprawling work itself, a collection of memories garnered from a slew of answering machine messages left by friends, relatives and colleagues, tracing his own roots and timeline, from when his son was just a boy to the news that he had just made […]

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V/A :: Mindfield (Psychonavigation)

Like passing through the past two-decades of ambient, techno, electronica, noise, IDM and any other possible sub-genre, Keith Downey (label boss) has inadvertently retraced the foundations of the scene and given it a fresh new face. Like an archeological discovery, ancient electrical artifacts are now presented with a 2011 spin, creating for a new trajectory […]

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Five questions for Psychonavigation

Igloo Magazine sat down with Keith Downey, label owner and operator of the now decade young Psychonavigation Records outfit to discuss, via hyperspace, a few key points regarding its start-up, progress and future. Catch a glimpse of Psychonavigation’s history and stay tuned for their latest collection of tracks compiled on the July 29th release of […]

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