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Autechre :: Incunabula, Amber, Tri-Repetae (Warp)

As cynical one might feel about reissues, however, they can sometimes be nothing short of stellar, absolutely warranted, and in the case of much out of print early Autechre, long overdue. For the longest time there’s been something incongruous about the idea of listening to Autechre on vinyl, a medium whose inherent limitations Booth and […]

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Autechre :: elseq 1–5 (Warp)

By taking their programmed music to the next level, what Autechre have presented here is a snapshot of what Brian Eno has been perfecting all these years: generative and constantly shifting music that could effectively just run forever, with every moment unique as a snowflake. You could run most of the tracks on elseq 1-5 […]

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Autechre :: Exai (Warp)

Exai embraces the spirit of improvisation with fluid, almost jazz-like structures and staggering new highs of sound-design and progression. This refreshingly glitch-free approach brings them closer to their live experiences, humanizing Exai and making it more approachable and relatable than they have been for quite some time. How time flies. It doesn’t quite seem possible […]

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