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Qebo :: The Former Generations of Structure (Detroit Underground)

The Former Generations of Structure delivers a fluid understanding of restrained electronics tethered to skeletal melodic tendencies. By way of Athens through Detroit, Qebo’s impacting sonic derailment is very much welcomed. Greece-based Qebo have been at it for over a decade, but have only just recently become (more) active, and we’re thrilled to dissect it. The […]

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Nonima :: Recur (Section 27)

Recur is choke-full of mechanically-infused electronic mayhem that is ever so lightly shielded by its tranquilized downtrodden shimmer. Section 27 founder Nonima (aka Tam Ferrans) reveals Recur, a diverse and abstract electronic abyss that segues into and out of consciousness. Take the opening “Recursor” as a starting point—elongated sounds from another galaxy expand and contract […]

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Chris Randall :: Oscillator Breach (Detroit Underground)

What should we expect from this stylistic chameleon? Heavy bass, for starters. More of those delicious dub/dub-techno chord changes and beats. Six original tacks, then four more which receive loving treatment from a cast of remixers including Proem and the inimitable Baseck. Chris Randall, according to his twitter bio, is a “Musician, Writer, User Interface […]

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