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Dødsmaskin :: Fullstendig Brent (Malignant)

Fullstending Brent is a very sinister, scary and haunting cinematic black and doom ambient release that will easily seduce most demanding fans of the genre. To be placed next to infernal and massive power electronic releases by Megaptera or Brither Death Now. Hailing from Norway this project is totally new for me. Thematically the album […]

read more :: Twin God Fragments (Orb Tapes)

Twin God Fragment is an articulated collection of buzzing, weird and abrasive drone rituals mainly delivered by a vast array of pedal noise effects, electric guitar and feedback. Angelo Guido carries on his personal sonic voyage with a new recommended industrially tainted noise ambient release. Orb Tapes is a new label devoted to home made, uncompromising […]

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V/A :: The Echoing Black (Kalpamantra)

A recommended malicious industrial, noisy and cinematic ambient album and a quite effective post-apocalyptical soundtrack for your dark reflective moments. Kalpamantra is an active net-label since 2009 and specialized in blackened, noisy, tellurian and demonic  ambient music. Founded by musical journalist Steven D Williams (second manager at Malignant Records) Kalpamantra is exclusively devoted to digital […]

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NihilTronix :: Curiosités (OPN)

Neurotic and frosty minimal electronics give the impression to be used as metaphors to describe the new technological order, its subliminal messages and its repressive imperatives on the existential level and on practical human activities dominated by the mega machine. After one EP published in 2009, the industrial “synthetic” electronic project NihilTronix formed by Arnaud […]

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Kristoffer Oustad :: Filth Haven (Malignant)

An ultimate bleak, demonic and epic soundscaping inferno. Filth Haven is the first full length release published by the Norwegian Kristoffer Oustad under his own name. In the past Oustad has offered several albums and compilation works under the moniker of Kristoffer Nyströms Orkester (a power industrial duet formed with Peter Nyström of Megaptera) and […]

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