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V/A :: Meditations 3 (Shimmering Moods)

Meditations 3 is a fine collection of modern, discreetly pulsating and cerebral ambient sketches. Shimmering Moods is back with a new collection of intimate, soothing and semi-experimental ambient tracks provided here as a compilation built on unreleased sound materials offered by regular artists / projects of the label. However this compilation gives the occasion to introduce […]

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Simon12345 & The Lazer Twins :: Cheveux propres, cheveux gras (Holger)

Disjointed, neither rooted solidly in one idea nor fitting firmly into a particular genre. This isn’t necessarily bad as it can often be the chance for music to be heard in a way it might not normally. Simon 12345 & The Lazer Twins EP Cheveux propres, cheveux gras is an odd affair. While it sounds […]

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Vai :: Son of Idaia EP (Holger)

Son of Idaia is a good mix of ambient electronics and ghostly techno in a dubby, starkly beautiful package. The mysterious Vai has caught our attention and we’re listening for more. Recommended. From the label Holger comes the mysterious Vai with their Son of Idaia. Vai has been active in the scene for a few […]

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