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V/A :: Tangents (Kahvi Collective)

Tangents distills the finest in downtempo, sun-soaked electronic music, digging further into the chiseled sonic crevasses that each musician offers. Music certainly has the right to foster additional children, as Tangents is a welcomed home for its inhabitants. Kahvi‘s long running mission is “to gather and provide free electronic grooves.” The online collective continues to cull […]

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V/A :: One On Twoism Volume 5 (Twoism)

As Twoism continues to graft their own signature on the tried and true origins of BoC’s sound, they’ve also inadvertently managed to keep a firm-hold on hypnotizing frequency bubbles that are diverse, captivating and elusive. [Release page] You have to admire the passion, persistence and pursuit the folks at Twoism have evolved over the years. […]

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Five questions for Kahvi Collective

“Kahvi specializes in a certain niche target, the IDM/ambient kind of area, so there never will be millions of listeners, but I think that the size of the audience is growing all the time and continuously I get good feedback on the label and music. The label stands apart from the quality of the releases […]

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