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{Members.Welcome.} :: Computer Club

I’m not really a computer nut. Yeah, I know we all use ’em all the time but I’ve never really been into coding and stuff. I never really got past BASIC, or past the first few hours with it. Yet, I must admit, I always liked the egalitarian nature that a lot of coding has. […]

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SYNDRÔM :: Distant Thoughts mix

Pavillon36 label-head Syndrôm delivers a cross-sectional mix of abstract electronics and manifests a hybrid of genres from some of the finest sonic sculptors this circular cosmic spot has to offer. ##. Artist :: Track (Label) 01. IJO :: Coral Sea (Sutemos) 02. Paradeigma :: Skripnula Polovitsa (The Studio Stereo) 03. Nonima :: Pi (Tres Catorce) 04. […]

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V/A :: Circuits Imprimés Vol. 03 (Pavillon36)

Pavillon36 successfully connects a complex electrical circuit via fine-tuned forms of glitch, post-industrial, minimalism and raw electronics. Like trying to grab a cluster of stars in a universe filled with millions upon millions—Circuits Imprimés Vol. 03 is a veritable mixture of stray electronics featuring the purveyors of forward-thinking experimental audio scientists. Each musician displays their […]

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