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PBS’73 :: Yesterday Network (Magic Square)

Yesterday Network illustrates an alluring yet surreal passage through pleasant electronic listening music and is a great launching point from his 2016 Rainbow TV album. PBS’73 (aka Austin, Texas-based Elijah Franks) opens his account with the newly formed Magic Square Records—an imprint launched on July 21st, 2017, and co-run with Faex Optim. Shuffling voices near and far, staccato […]

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V/A :: Tangents (Kahvi Collective)

Tangents distills the finest in downtempo, sun-soaked electronic music, digging further into the chiseled sonic crevasses that each musician offers. Music certainly has the right to foster additional children, as Tangents is a welcomed home for its inhabitants. Kahvi‘s long running mission is “to gather and provide free electronic grooves.” The online collective continues to cull […]

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PBS’73 :: Rainbow TV (Eyesix)

Rainbow TV is a breathtaking audio snapshot that captures, contains and contorts those mid-70’s public broadcasts. Whenever I’m looking for nostalgic electronics, faded psychedelic bits and bytes, or just fuzzy synthesizer trails, Eyesix has you well covered. And just as the Twoism collective discovers and dissects each Boards Of Canada frequency burst, I find that the […]

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