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Elsewhereness revisited #1 Ramblings of a AMB-man

Elsewhereness Revisited is a new feature documenting the drift at the margins: ambientological meanderings, random bc-combing, cloud-watching, tube-findings, and a companion mix. Vol. #1: Ramblings of a AMB-man. First, Own Records, once a haunt for lovers of SotL, Basinski, Celer, et al., which after something of a snooze wakes with er… wake from hitherto unknown, kj. NY-based […]

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Federico Durand :: A Traves Del Espejo (12k)

The music is as beautiful as it is introspective, like a small window of antique glass looking right into Federico’s soul, allowing the listener to explore a mysterious, invisible world that suddenly appears. After a series of amazing releases on awesome labels such as Spekk, Own Records, Home Normal, Desire Path and White Paddy Mountain, […]

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Pausal :: Sky Margin (Own)

The sky, regardless of marginalia, is hymned as winsome, as radiant, as before; but by adding new skin to the old ceremony, finding a natural beauty in non-nature, or rather endowing with naturalism something seemingly other. Another installment of ‘micro-orchestral music played with minimalist economy‘  from the New Forest’s finest purveyors of Ecstatic Drone. Strongly […]

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