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Kurt Y. Gödel :: Axiomatic System (YUYAY)

There’s been a gradual return to braindance. Labels like 030303, Analogical Force and Occult Research have reignited the torch bore by Rephlex. With this, a brigade of musicians have taken up the cause. Kurt Y. Gödel is part of that new blood, reworking those well-honed tools and adding his own stamp. In a strange twist, […]

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“Something wicked this way comes…” :: Occult Research

More and more labels are turning to tapes. I remember my initial reaction: “Why?” Price being the obvious reason. But, the return to cassettes has allowed a variety of would-be artists and music promoters to get some hands on experience without the sinking investment of vinyl. There’s also the tactile quality of a tape, the […]

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