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Artefakt :: Kinship (Delsin)

Artefakt’s output is all so exceptionally well balanced that it’s just as capable of driving the headphones listener into a spinning state of hypnosis as it is at filling and driving the dance floor. Since 2014, Dutch producers Nick Lapien and Robin Koek have been released a handful of EP’s as Artefakt on the Delsin, […]

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Techno’s Outer Limits :: December 2016

Last emission of 2016 in a series from Techno’s Twilight Zone of EPs/12″s and LPs with notes in the margins. Porter Ricks’ quasi-mythical status may have grown in the 17 years since their last Symbiotics (Mille Plateaux, 1999), but latest EP, Shadow Boat, shows the myth is merited. FACT mag tags the title track ‘the year’s most labyrinthine, […]

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Herzel & Genoveva / Metropolis :: Double review (Other Heights)

With shelves in record stores ever shrinking, and many online shops promoting their own distribution, it can be hard for smaller labels. Nevertheless, I saw some Other Heights releases on a recent trip to Dublin. This is label that is not just competing, it is challenging for space and recognition with some very interesting sounds. […]

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