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Eraldo Bernocchi & Netherworld :: Himuro (Glacial Movements)

Six slabs of sonic ice sculpture slide glacially along an ambient-techno cline, threads spread below an oceanic surface over which floats a sonorous mass pulsing slow dub hyp-gnosis; narcotic guitar shards and environmentalia. An ice cellar of medical, alimentary and ceremonial import in palaces and castles of Edo and Meiji period Japan, Himuro was a cold room between which ice could be […]

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Netherworld :: Alchemy of Ice (Glacial Movements)

Alchemy of Ice embodies a perfect aesthetic fusion between discreet micro-tonal melodiously articulated elements and macro-cosmical textural drone resonances. Glacial movements is a well established Italian independent label known for their catalog entirely devoted to spacious- environmental unobtrusive dronescaping experiences. they notably sign works from the notorious Oophoi, Rapoon, Lull et al. Alchemy of Ice is the […]

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Netherworld :: Over the Summit (Glacial Movements)

Notwithstanding the odd section of auto-pilot sound design, and with the sure hand of his mystic mate, Gigi Gasparetti at the mastering helm, Netherworld does more than enough to ensure the ambitions of his arctic expedition Over the Summit are achieved. [Listen | Purchase] For nigh on 5 years Glacial Movements has been furthering the […]

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