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Vlimmer :: llllll​/​lllllll (Blackjack Illuminist)

Maybe an over-productive project for a few ones but this bunch of nicely made tracks will easily convince fans of dark waving and moodily atmospheric electro-gothic music, mainly from the 80s. Alexander Leonard Donat is one busy, highly prolific, multifaceted and electronic self-produced artist coming from Berlin, Germany. The Berlin underground electronic music scene has […]

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Day Before Us :: Misty Shroud of Regrets (Rage in Eden)

Misty Shroud of Regrets is predominantly neo-classical-informed ambience, whose mournful lyricism is aligned with a certain strain of transcendent Old European pessimism. Day Before Us is a project curated by Philippe Blache—incidentally, an Igloo contributor, who claims inspiration from ‘odd literature, ghostly presence, angelology’ for his ‘antipop-cinematic-nocturnal-melancholic soundscapes.’ The French artist has worked through ‘solemn soundscaping […]

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