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BITS & PIECES with Miwon

Miwon (aka Hendrik Kroez) is the latest addition to the colorful n5MD roster. This April he released his third album, Jigsawtooth, via the influential Oakland-based imprint. Talk Talk, Hitchcock, Moog Sub 37, Russian herb liquor; read about what gets the Berlin-based electronica wizard’s creative juices flowing. The first album you bought? Talk Talk / “It’s […]

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V/A :: The Reconstruction of Fives (n5MD)

The reconstruction, however, is a mixture of form with shoegaze and ambience balanced against the shadow’s of sharply organized electronic noise; a virtual plateau of sculptors bending the framework of already fully realized tracks. [Listen | Purchase] Reconstruction, indeed. Disclaiming the directive of this release in the title may in fact be the best way […]

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