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V/A :: Snow Robots Volume 4 (Suction)

The warm 16-bit melodies of some twenty years back have mutated into grizzled men (much like myself) peddling coarse chords and rough rhythms made to carve up modern dance-floors. A new tradition has started and hopefully it will still be going in two decades time. I’m not big into driving. I’m not particularly good at […]

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Trenton Chase :: Deadlock (June)

The eight tracker shows a new breadth to Kokkinakos’ sound, black tracks that will damage a floor alongside more playful numbers. There’s a power and strength to the music, but there is also a sense of distress and disorder. Some artists are prolific, others less so. But as we all know, quantity does not mean […]

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Manie Sans Délire :: Untitled (June)

This latest installment probes the shadows even further. Tracks delve deeper into murky undercurrents, scrutinizing ashen aspects and the pierced psyches of the unseen and, sometimes, unheard. It’s been a pleasure to have been privy to the development of Tsampikos Fronas’ music, both his own as an artist and his eponymous label’s output. June’s output […]

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