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Qnete :: Clapping The Soles of Your Feet (Drowned)

A record that showcases Qnete’s talent but one where more scope would have been welcomed. From time to time an artist comes along who, due to a number of reasons, might have mass appeal. In electronic the idea of “mass appeal” is a little bit of an oxymoron, let’s say an artist who can appeal […]

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Sync 24 x Privacy / DeFeKT :: Split Excursions Vol 1 (Cultivated Electronics)

Electro has bloomed as a genre over the last ten years and throughout that process, throughout that growth, Cultivated Electronics led the way. This recent split series brings together artists who are pursuing the colder edge of the machine, the line set down by the UK label. With every passing week that the electro bin […]

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Proto Sites :: Daring to be different

An imprint that’s doing something interesting, not over-reaching nor pandering. In short, it’s doing its own thing. It’s hard to find a label that is doing its own thing. Huh? Well of course all labels will argue that they do it their way, and they do. But labels that are pursuing paths that few others […]

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