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Leandro Fresco & Rafael Anton Irisarri :: La Equidistancia (A Strangely Isolated Place)

La Equidistancia somehow manages to attain an ambient purity you rarely find these days, the material tuned to individual temperament regardless of what that may be. This emotional neutrality is paired with a breathtaking immediacy achieved within a strikingly economic timescale, this being a racy forty-two minute excursion pressed on a single, snowy-marbled vinyl LP. […]

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Elsewhereness revisited #3 :: Party Like It’s 1991

Elsewhereness revisited is an occasional feature documenting the drift at the margins: ambient gasbagging, ’tube-d, ’cloud-ed, and ’camped-up, complete with companion mix, Elsewhereness revisited #3 1991 made waves in 2012 with High-Tech High-Life (Opal Tapes)—chewy New Age synth ‘n’ soundscapes laced with arpeggiating timbres and shimmering drones, and self-titled (Astro:Dynamics)–IDM-y sounds shot through with post-ambient forms and off-kilter melodies, while his Skogen, Flickan Och […]

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