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Nickolas Mohanna :: Chroma (Karlrecords)

Chroma illustrates a disjointed 8-pc sonic tapestry, one that is sewn together by extraterrestrial acoustics making for a perplexing experience. Fuzzy, abstract and discordant noises are on display with Nickolas Mahonna‘s Chroma. All manner of sound, from broken piano keys, sheared voices, turbulent shoegaze, and dense field recordings seem to float by within the shadows. A visceral […]

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Steve Reich / Ensemble Avantgarde :: Four Organs / Phase Patterns / Pendulum Music (Karlrecords)

Four Organs / Phase Patterns / Pendulum Music are reminders that, while Reich himself did not record these three pieces, many feel his legacy ought to be remembered and celebrated. Certainly, the Ensemble Avantgarde achieves this and more. One of the founding fathers of so called minimal music, Steve Reich began experimenting long before his […]

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afarOne :: Lucen (Karlrecords)

Ruggeri can be very warm, when he drops big, fat pianos notes, likewise electronic beats, but his perfectionism does tend to keep the listener at arm’s length. Conservatory-trained Stefano Ruggeri (b. 1977) spent three years on this striking debut album, marrying the late-Romantic sensibility of Gustav Mahler and his modernist successors Alban Berg and Anton […]

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