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V/A :: When The Rich Wage War, It’s The Poor Who Die (Poverty Is Violence)

A heady range of sounds are explored on a compilation that grits teeth, journeys into the machine, seeks out the shadows and will go in directions few would have expected (myself included.) It’s interesting to see two separate labels follow a particular path. You’d be forgiven for thinking Charlton and Nick Dunton’s Poverty Is Violence […]

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High on KRAKE

KRAKE 2015 takes place from August 3rd-9th, ranging across Berlin with arts and culture events at Urban Spree and Berghain Kan­tine, heaviest live doses to be caught at Suicide Circus with. Since 2010 inception KRAKE has brought to Berlin some of the best known acts in the vanguard and at the margins of electronica–Mika Vainio, Mono­lake and Mur­cof, to […]

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