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Blamstrain :: For All The Dreamers In (Self-Released)

Each track melds gracefully into the next and the wide variety of styles are well paced, providing atmospheric peaks and troughs that will pull you through to the end before demanding you rewind for another listen. In marked departure from the dubby excellence of previous EP Sunday Dub, Juho Hietala changes up not just his writing […]

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Blamstrain :: Sunday Dub (Erotus)

Guiding us through the wee hours, the four tracks all sit firmly within the dub techno fields of introspective muted kicks alongside reverb and delay heavy synth stabs. You can’t beat a bit of deeply ambient dub techno, especially on a Sunday. Finnish producer Juho Hietala (aka Blamstrain) serves up exactly that on this very […]

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