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Badrich :: _COMPILER LOG (Self-Released)

Mind boggling, and cause for likely Pacific Northwest seismic activity when played at high volume, Badrich’s sound is coherent and corrosive at the same time. Decomposed and refined to no end, fans of early-era Autechre, Phoenecia, Richard Devine should take notice if not for the robust robotic layers it unleashes to the masses. From Portland, Oregon, […]

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Badrich :: Viscosity (Technicolor Yawn)

Purely in a (dark) field of its own, yet effortlessly delivered, Viscosity is a detailed foray into deconstructed electronics melded to blackened ambient sheets. Robotic noise boxes dancing about—all controlled by Jason Goodrich (aka Badrich)—is on display on the recently released 8-track Viscosity. Having been there, done that, Badrich has a bit of history having collaborated with the […]

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Cascade Data :: Edit Volley EP (Buried In Time)

A world of microscopic clicks, industrialized whirs and mechanical rhythms are pushed, pulled and propelled by the dynamics of collective ideas. Jason Goodrich (aka Technicolor Yawn) and Steve Westbrook (aka Ignatius) assemble the collective duo of Cascade Data. But what’s really in a name? In the case of this rather new outfit, connected disconnects form the basis […]

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