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Techno’s Outer Limits :: July 2017

Latest emission in a series from Techno’s Twilight Zone of EPs/12″s and LPs with notes in the margins.   First up, Avian hosts 400ppm for Fit for Purpose, a set of neo-Industrial Techno sketches skulking around a kind of ‘floor functionalism flirting with something vaguely conceptual—‘works to capture the sense of unease and hysteria that fuelled, and continues to fuel the vital countercultural movements that […]

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Earthen Sea :: An Act of Love (Kranky)

Rather than just relying on echoed synth stabs or reverb-drenched reggae samples, the Earthen Sea variety of dub builds from a foundation of sustained, morphing drones and swells. I was at work, fighting back the email threatening to take over my life like electronic kudzu, when the promo pack for Jacob Long’s next release as […]

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