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Release your ears 7.0 :: Daniel Brandt, Saagara, Hidden Orchestra

Three titles that are piquing our ears lately—it’s our attempt to point you to some notable releases worth investigating regardless of genre. Our staff at continually sifts through a plethora of music in an effort to—at the very least—direct you to some interesting releases we may or may not have written about in full […]

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Elsewhereness Revisited #5 selected ambient twerks

Elsewhereness revisited is an occasional feature documenting the drift at the margins: ambient gasbagging, ’tube-d, ’cloud-ed, and ’camp-ed up, complete with companion mix, Elsewhereness revisited #5. Now near-veterans with a back catalog on Infraction, Own, Barge and Students of Decay after s/t EP (Highpoint Lowlife, 2007), Pausal stop off at Dronarivm. A Touched Music request to perform in Pembrokeshire prompted the New Forest’s […]

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