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WE FORFEIT (Mix 3) :: Mulled wine, scented pine and yuletide electro

There have been some cracking electro records in the last twelve months, although the same could be said for the last sixty or one hundred and one months. Chris & Robbie sieved through some of their favs from past and present to add some sonic bite to that slab of turkey you’re gnawing on. It’s […]

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Hardfloor & Acid Hausmeister :: Double Review (ProForm Series)

Now we all know there are lots of 303 tinged records out there, and there will undoubtedly be more to come. But ProForm are old hands at picking out quality, and the Finns are at it again. Hardfloor serve up a tough two tracker, one with some subtle warming undercurrents. Acid Hausmeister has a different […]

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V/A :: 5 Years of De:Tuned (De:Tuned)

Across this five disc archive are some of the men who founded electronic music, names that breathed life into the genre and inspired a generation. Whether a newcomer to Techno or an aging ear, this is a once in a quarter century collection; the likes of which won’t be seen again for a long time. […]

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