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SubtractiveLAD :: Sustain / Release (Self-Released)

A clearly recommended corpus of warm and delicately touching ambient compositions. SubtractiveLAD is the project of Vancouver-based sound designer Stephen Hummel. A handful of materials have been published on n5MD. Sustain / Release is self-published and is offered as a digital album. It is a collection of highly emotional, dream-like and languorous soundscapes, droned-based guitar textures which can easily […]

read more :: Twin God Fragments (Orb Tapes)

Twin God Fragment is an articulated collection of buzzing, weird and abrasive drone rituals mainly delivered by a vast array of pedal noise effects, electric guitar and feedback. Angelo Guido carries on his personal sonic voyage with a new recommended industrially tainted noise ambient release. Orb Tapes is a new label devoted to home made, uncompromising […]

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Ex Confusion :: Embrace (n5MD)

Embrace provides a bunch of delicious musical moments, continuously delicate, soothing and whispering electronica. The melodically powerful sound textures guide the listener to peaceful realms and explore the affective contents of consciousness (musical attempt to evocate the subliminal dimension of human soul).  Multi-instrumentalist and sound sculptor Atsuhito Omori has been recently discovered thanks to the publication […]

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