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Midday Static & Faex Optim :: Double review (Self-Released/Carpe Sonum)

Combining the latest albums by Midday Static (Verichrome, Self-Released) and Faex Optim (Look Around You, Carpe Sonum) creates an utterly sublime and nostalgic reality. Verichrome Midday Static (aka Tulsa, Oklahoma-based Dylan Boyd) continues in his signature rich color shaping with Verichrome—a follow-up to Ektachrome (Self-Released, February 2017). It’s hard to believe that only four months have […]

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Midday Static :: Ektachrome (Self-Released)

References, contrasts and comparisons aside, Midday Static fine tunes his sound with Ektachrome, an album that is lively and condensed in a thick kaleidoscopic downbeat stew. Tulsa, Oklahoma-based Dylan Boyd (aka Midday Static) understands how to combine those early inspirational Boards of Canada sounds with textured guitar works of his own. Last years Kodachrome rested on fuzzier static […]

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