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JK Flesh :: Exit Stance EP (Downwards)

While the previous JK Flesh full length Rise Above (Electric Deluxe, 2016) was a harder affair with lots of distorted beats and deep bass, Exit Stance eschews a more stripped down, subtler approach. Each track is relatively short, wasting no time on exposing and developing the motifs within. JK Flesh is the more electric output of […]

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JK Flesh :: Rise Above (Electric Deluxe)

The tracks on Rise Above utilize sparse, repetitive beats, heavy bass, distortion mixed into a swirl of murky, hazy tracks that thud their way into your ears. Justin Broadrick is a living legend whose musical output which spans from the genre spawning Godflesh to more ambient works as Final to the genre-splicing Jesu which sounds like […]

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Cloaks :: Versions Grain (3BY3)

Cloaks’ debut album Versus Grain was a sophisticated, logical extension of the marriage of dubstep and dark hop, with its original, fibrous roots in Mick Harris’ Scorn—a hard, autistically-absorbed beat bashing against an electrified fence of sputtering but well-tuned noise. The most unspeakable things have be done to wonderful, wobbly dubstep since it stepped beyond […]

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