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Elsewhereness revisited #7 stuff made of dreams which are

Elsewhereness revisited is an occasional feature documenting the drift at the margins: ambient gasbagging, tube-d, cloud-ed, and camp-ed up, complete with companion mix, Elsewhereness revisited #7.    Ambient/folk-gaze maven, Benoît Pioulard, has Lignin Poise, on Beacon Sound. Forget his pop/folk-y fluff, this is the stuff made of dreams which are!—another of those hazy slow falls inwards with airy guitar and a […]

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Techno’s Outer Limits :: April 2017

First transmission of 2017 from Techno’s Twilight Zone of EPs/12″s and LP, with notes in the margins. James Shaw, the artist known as Sigha, we’re told (blurb), ‘has always placed the listener at a centrifugal point that invites a clandestine hypnosis rather than an abject hysteria.’ Cheers for that, James. Be that as it may, a kind of […]

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Wolfgang Voigt & Deepchord present :: Peter Michael Hame’s Colours Of Time Re-Interpreted (Astral Industries)

Peter Michael Hamel’s Colors of Time Re-Interpreted features two artists on a split EP re-interpreting an obscure, multi-part kosmische synth epic from 1980. Since reviewing Astral Industries’ debut release, Deepchord’s now highly sought-after Lanterns, the label has gone on to release some decidedly strange, esoteric and surprising things, and in recent months, at a greatly accelerated […]

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