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LEE SIMEONE :: Weaving analog dreams

U.K. based musician and synth genius, Lee Simeone, is a master when it comes to crafting very deep atmospheric collages. His latest excursion; 2011’s twenty-one track album entitled An Introduction to Simeone, is out now, and released through the London based Le Coq Musique label. Simeone’s associations are somewhat intriguing. Not only did he appear […]

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Simeone :: An Introduction to Simeone (

An Introduction to Simeone floats blissfully between very mellow dreamlike vision pieces, to full on outbursts of electro darkwave; all of which weave unmistakable sparkling strands of symphonic synth-driven magic. [Purchase] To quote Rough Trade – “Mozart with synth’s” could very well be a fitting explanation of such an avantgarde repertoire, that is so very […]

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