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Gail Priest :: Heraclitus in Iceland (Metal Bitch)

A reflective, cerebral and moodily introspective travel through natural elements and atmospheres of deep quietness. Gail Priest is an Australian sound artist and organic ambient music composer who has been active since a handful years. Notable materials have been released on her own label and also on Kate Carr’s DIY independent label Flaming Pines in […]

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V/A :: Tiny Portraits (Flaming Pines)

The research on sound forms, field recordings and urban soundscaping textures guarantees an active listening experience, investing our consciousness, our sense of hearing and cognitive capabilities around the notion of memory, reflectivity and intuition. Australia based independent label Flaming Pines is back with a newly launched concept and edition about hearing space and the impact […]

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V/A :: Birds of a Feather 7-12 (Flaming Pines)

Twelve birds in a modified birdhouse are way better than two in the bush. Flaming Pines has just wrapped up its beautifully beaky Birds of a Feather series with a feathery flourish (we’ve previously enjoyed the first six volumes here and here). Birds of a Feather 7-8 by Marcus Fischer Marcus Fischer :: The Crow An […]

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