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DID :: WHNZ​:​73​:​DID (We Have No Zen!)

A vast collection of noisy drone sequences where manipulated generative sounds, screaming high pitch modulations interact with the monolithic and deep staticity of the didgeridoo. The use of didgeridoo is not something new in ambient drone music, Steve Roach was among the first to initiate the audience with such ancient aboriginal instruments and launched an […]

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Freeform :: Rewind Above/Below/Beyond (Bedroom Research)

It’s 2017, and Freeform is finally making a comeback on Bedroom Research under the umbrella title: Rewind. Thanks to label-owner Matthieu Debliqui’s exhaustive scouring of Pyke’s archives, Rewind is a sprawling three-part retrospective presenting previously unreleased material, with each album focusing on a particular period of his extensive discography. When you think of veterans from […]

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Touched Two :: Mega Cancer Benefit Compilation out November 28 (Touched Music)

What is particular about Touched Two is that so many artists came together to compose new material for the compilation. Certainly, while many other similar efforts often do the same, this compilation also showcases new and upcoming producers. It’s pretty usual for pop artists to band together in order to contribute to a cause; enter […]

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