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V/A :: Hallucino Attics (Dissolved Re​-​Constructed 2001​-​2006) (Section 27)

Hallucino Attics displays a virtual cornucopia of audio delights in the form of 25-tracks that bend, twist, and contort freely. Perhaps the widest genre-bending lens in the experimental electronic arena, its aural construct and splendid reprieve from the norm makes for the quintessential musical reference point. Yet another massive undertaking, and one that came together by […]

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Mitoma :: Satallite Hive:RMX (Section 27)

A product of assembled and reassembled electronics that slices through thick robotic rhythms, Mitoma sets the groundwork for inspired creative buzz and RMX reaffirms its sonic trajectory. Mitoma invites a few global friends to reinterpret Satellite Hive—their 2012 audio escape with Daddy Tank—which continues to serve up fresh electrical manifests. A dozen tracks are on […]

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