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Melancholy, love and hope :: Donnacha Costello unleashes Mono No Aware

Deep, heartwarming, highly effective ambient. “The techniques and equipment are various, several of the works are generative and some are live recordings. All are tinged with melancholy, love and hope” says Donnacha Costello on the Bandcamp release page of his latest creation, Mono No Aware. Melancholy, love and hope, indeed, it’s all there. Ethereal, mysterious, […]

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ALAN LOCKETT :: Slings the Wooze Renewed mix

2016! Reeling from The Shock of the New, Igloo’s Wooze-slinger Alan Lockett (aka Mist-maxer albient) is moved to review and renew (or take refuge, depending on the view…) Revisiting the sound+vision of Slings the Wooze and Slings the Wooze Anew, with a score or more clips of stunned ambience, hypnagogue drone and aether tone, in […]

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TAPE :: Transmissions 3

It’s been far too long since the last Tape Transmission but this means there are heaps of excellent releases to catch up on. Boliden :: Meta (Chemical Tapes) Meta by Boliden Really nice reduced loopy techno—kind of a lo-fi The Field spun through a kaleidoscopic lucid dream dappled with summer evening sun. Donnacha Costello :: […]

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