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V/A :: Machine Funk Is Our Game (Kraftjerkz)

Across four tracks the 12” journeys down different avenues. From the otherworldliness of the circuit boards and electrical impulses to the body slamming pastiche of the 1980s this record will deliver. Well, it’s official. For those of you who missed it, electro is en vogue. Following a spread in MixMag the genre has been given […]

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V/A :: MTRON002 (Mechatronica)

Mechatronica is fresh into 2017 with a second compilation of machine funk. Building on their first record, the German label has drafted in a medley of machine musicians to give voice to a cold future. January is not a month people like. August. May. December. Once the new year has been rung in where’s January? […]

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MINIMUM SYNDICAT :: Thermonuclear Techno

Nuclear Techno bulging with a primal power and unforgiving wallop. Minimum Syndicat deliver the payload. An all-consuming, and in many ways refreshing, mushroom cloud of brutality. A couple of months back I found myself in Ghent at 15 Years of Retro Acid. Strangely enough this sleepy Belgian town, criss-crossed with canals and dotted with impressive […]

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