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Dissolved :: Lost In A Femtosecond / Submersion EP (Dissolvedamberrooms)

Both releases are boundless and filled with layers upon layers of panoramic electronic music. Dissolved is a prolific musician that continues to reach far into the lost crevasses of his music machines to sculpt contagious and timeless ambient-IDM manifests. Dissolved baffles with glimmering electronic composition and muffled melodic streams drifting in panoramic fields. Lost In […]

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Dissolved :: Illuminant Shatter (Dissolvedamberrooms)

Illuminant Shatter, Dissolved’s third album for 2016, is yet another bustling percussive trove. An emblematic audible flurry and vibrant collage art piece. Dissolved, a Glasgow-born, Vancouver-based artist, has a prolific musical activity stream. Illuminant Shatter, his third album for 2016, is yet another bustling percussive trove. I tend to gravitate towards Dissolved’s penchant for Artificial Intelligence-era IDM. Soft […]

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Dissolved :: Modern Mineralogy (Dissolvedamberrooms)

Perhaps better described as a story-line featuring out of this world scenic detours, Dissolved carves a theme of majestic magnitude, IDM at its best, basslines at full power. Another engaged return to Dissolved‘s sonic space is here in the form of a 9-track musical manifest titled Modern Mineralogy. We’ve covered Paul Daniels’ work over the years […]

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