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Detroit Underground :: DU-VHS App

A visual mega-dose of original creative content that explores a vast spectrum of electronic genres and spans nearly 20-years of renegade music. (Press Release) For the uninitiated, Detroit Underground has become a beacon for all things experimental electronic, and now, with DU-VHS, they’ve launched uninterrupted stream of music videos and artist live-sets from the continually […]

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Five questions for Bedroom Research

Matthieu Debliqui (aka Subjex and Bedroom Research label-operator) dissects the inner-workings of this multifaceted experimental electronic imprint—now in its 10th year—and offers listeners/fans some insight about where it’s been and where it’s headed. Igloo Magazine :: When did Bedroom Research start up and what was your inspiration? Matthieu Debliqui (Subjex) / Bedroom Research :: Bedroom […]

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